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Our Difference – The FuseGlobal Partnership Program

To fully serve your business staffing needs, we need to understand your business. Whether you’re a Consultant looking for a new assignment or represent a major organization looking for Staffing solutions, you want a service that clearly understands and accurately addresses your requirements.

We know that Consultants are the best source of valuable market information: understanding new technologies, offering relevant project expertise, analysis of market conditions, connecting with a pool of qualified resources and identifying new opportunities to offer other Job Seekers.

We value this information so highly we’ve transformed the way our company operates and created a program to build our staffing organization entirely around our Consultants known as the FuseGlobal Partnership Program.

The FuseGlobal Partnership Program is a unique network that gives our Consultants long-term inclusion in the growth of our company. We offer Consultants the ability to build a sustainable revenue stream and potentially saleable commodity by working closely to assist our staffing needs as well as develop new opportunities. This satisfies their need to utilize invaluable information, and our need to better serve our Clients, Partners and Job Seekers.

This program accelerates and improves our staffing model as well as vastly increasing the assignment opportunities we can offer Consultants. It gives

us an edge on our competitors and generates an unrivaled bond between our Consultants, our Clients and ourselves.

Working closely with the FuseGlobal Partnership Program, our Recruitment Team manages this data for Consultants to identify the perfect opportunity and for Clients to obtain the ideal Consultant.

To find our more about this unique program, please contact us directly at: Sales@FuseGlobal.com or call us at 415.869.8669.

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